Sources on Frans van Schooten jr. (1615-1660)

The purpose of this page is to provide easy access to source material, i. e. books and manuscripts, related to Frans van Schooten junior (1615-1660). There are a few links as well to works by mathematicians who were relevant in connection to him, and to modern studies that are available online.

Books that were authored by Frans van Schooten jr. or to which he contributed.

For google books, you can see the book by clicking on the picture of the front page.

Manuscripts relevant to Frans van Schooten jr. or his family

Recently Groningen University Library has digitized most of the manuscripts which are somehow related to the Van Schooten family. By clicking on the links, you will see the front material of the manuscript. By successive clicks on "volgende" you can leaf through the manuscript
Digitized manuscripts:
Hs 108   Hs 109   Hs 110   Hs 111   Hs 112   Hs 435   Hs 436   Hs 437   Hs 438   Hs 441   Hs 442   Hs 443   Hs 444
The Groningen manuscripts Hs 107, 439, 440 have not been digitized.
Digitized Leeuwarden manuscript: Ms Tresoar 668 (on fortification, related to Frans van Schooten sr)

Printed sources relevant to Frans van Schooten jr

Modern studies closely or distantly related to Frans van Schooten jr.

Frans van Schooten de oudere: Tabulae sinuum, tangentium, secantium ad radium 10,000,000; met 't gebruyck der zelve in rechlinische triangulen. Amsterdam: bij Willem J. Blaeu, 1627 [UvA Mannoury p. 53].
Herdruk Amsterdam: J. Jansen 1639 [UvA Mannoury p. 53]
Zie ook J.J. Stampioen de Jonge.
Duitse vertaling: tabular sinuum, tangentium, secantium, da radiu 10000000. Saambt derozelben gebrauch in solvierung oder aussrechnung aller flachen Triangeln. Aus dem Niederl. transf. durch Ioannem Magirum. Amsterdam: Jan Janssen, 1640 [UvA Mannoury 53]

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