The Bibliotheca Mathematica of David Bierens de Haan

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Some mathematics books in the Bibliotheca Paedagogica of Bierens de Haan

According to the inventory of the Bibliotheca Paedagogica in EOA pp. 93-107, the portfolios Octavo 216-219 contain textbooks of mathematics and physics. Dr. van der Lem also made these portfolios available to me for inspection. The books are all schoolbooks which were written in Dutch in the nineteenth century, and numbered consecutively. Many of the schoolbooks are in bad shape. The contents of portfolios Oct. 216-218 are entirely mathematical and are listed below. Of oct. 219, only the first four books have been listed here.
Each of the four portfolios contains at the end a handwritten table of contents, which must have been compiled many years ago, not by Bierens de Haan himself but conceivably by one of his family members. The tables of contents include some items which are now lost.

Bibliotheca Paedagogica, Octavo, 216

Bibliotheca Paedagogica, Octavo, 217

Bibliotheca Paedagogica, Octavo, 218

Bibliotheca Paedagogica, Octavo, 219

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