Editions and translations of medieval Arabic texts by J.P.Hogendijk:

  1. Euclid, On Divisions (lost in Greek), ed. and trans. of Arabic text in
    " The Arabic version of Euclid's On Division (1994) ".
  2. pseudo-Archimedes, kitAb `amal al-dA'irat al-maqsUma bi-sab`at aqsAm mutasAwiya (Book on the division of the circle into seven equal parts), prop. 17 and 18 in "Greek and Arabic constructions of the heptagon" (1984).
  3. Ahmad ibn Shakir ibn Musa (Baghdad, 9th century), qawl fi tathlIth al-zAwiya al-mustaqIma al-kha.t.tayn (treatise on the trisection of the rectilinear angle), in "How trisections.. " (1980).
  4. Nu`aim ibn Muhammad ibn Musa (Baghdad? late 9th century?) masA'il hansasiyya (Geometrical problems) in "The geometrical problems " (2003).
  5. Al-Nayrizi (Iraq, ca. 900)
  6. Ibrahim ibn Sinan (Iraq? 909-946):
  7. Abu Sahl al-Kuhi (Iran, 10th c.), risAla fi `amal mukhammas mutasAwI al-a.dlA` fi murabba` ma`lUm (letter on the construction of an equilateral pentagon in a known square), in " Al-Kuhi's construction ..." (1984).
  8. Abu Hamid al-Saghani (Irak, late 10th c.), the extant fragment of his treatise on hour lines constructed on astrolabe plates (fI al-sA`At al-ma`mUla `alA .safA'i.h al-u.s.turlAb), in "The contributions of ..." (2001).
  9. Al-Sijzi, Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Abdaljalil (Iran, 10th c.):
  10. Abu'l-Jud Muhammad ibn al-Layth (10th century, Iran?), answer to the second of four questions of al-Biruni, in " Abu'l-Jud's answer ..." (1987).
  11. Abu Sa'id al-Darir al-Jurjani (ca. 1000, Iran?), masA'il handasiyya (Geometrical Problems) and kitAb istikhrAj kha.t.t ni.sf al-nahAr min kitAb AnAlImA wa al-burhAn `alayhi (Book of the Extraction of the Meridian Line from the Book Analemma and the Proof of It), in " The Geometrical Works of .. al-Jurjani " (2001).
  12. Abu Na.sr ibn `Iraq (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, ca. 1000), English translation of the first part of his letter to Al-Biruni on the circles which define the seasonal hours (fI al-dawA'ir allatI ta.huddu al-sA`At al-zamAniyya ...), in "The contributions of ..." (2001).
  13. Ibn al-Haytham (965-1041, Irak, Egypt), maqAla fI tamAm kitAb al-MakhrU.tA.t (treatise on the Completion of the Conics (of Apollonius)), in Ibn al-Haytham's Completion of the Conics (1985).
  14. Al-Mu'taman ibn Hud (Zaragoza, 11th century), kitAb al-istikmAl (Book of Perfection), editions and translations of prop. 511.1 in: " Four constructions of two mean proportionals ..." (1992-4); props. 511.2-511.7 in: " Al-Mu'taman's simplified lemmas for solving "Alhazen's problem" " (1996), pp. 73-101; props. 422.4-6, 422.13 in: " Which version of Menelaus' Spherics ... " (1996), pp. 28-43; prop. 312.18 (theorem of Ceva) in " The lost geometrical parts ... " (2003)
  15. Muhyi al-Din al-Maghribi (13th c.), ta.hrIr al-u.sUl (Revision of the Elements of Euclid), ed. and trans. of Book XV in " An Arabic text on the comparison of the five regular polyhedra ... " (1994).
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